Back Cut Gear Services

 $300.00  –   For 5 Speed Transmission


High RPM Shifting will be greatly improved with this service. No more missed shifts, smoother shift action. All gears are inspected for wear. Engagement dogs are back-cut on our precision jig.




Bore and Hone T.C. Cylinder’s

Next Oversize  + .005"-  .010"   $175.00 .120" Overbore for 88"- 95" and 96"- 103"  $300.00


Torque Plates used for all aluminum cylinders.




Compression Releases Installed

 $120.00 for machining   $89.00 Releases


Raising the compression on any big twin will put greater demand on the starting system and reduce the life of your starter clutch. Installing these little units will save your starter clutch and ring gear. It is less expensive to have these installed while the heads are off than to replace your starter clutch! Heads are machined for compression releases on our bridgeport milling machine.




Machine EVO Cylinder Bases



This service will true warped or gouged cylinder base surface to help reduce leakage. Also easily removes stubborn base gaskets. Great way to adjust cyl. deck height.




Shave Cylinder Heads



Heads are cut on our lathe to desired chamber volume. Give us your bore, stroke, and piston dome volume. We will calculate your compression ratio.




Install 66 or 84 Tooth Ring Gear

 $110.00   -  Labour Only


High compression and big inch motors installed in 1994 and later big twins will benefit by upgrading the weak 102 tooth for the much stronger 66 tooth ring gear. Stock gear is removed from clutch shell using mill to cut rivets and new gear installed.




Head Porting


Head porting is not rocket science. Harley Davidson engines are air pumps. This is the reason we get good gains in power with modifications to the intake and exhaust (carbs and pipes) if the right parts are used. The ports in the heads are part of this air pump. Done correctly, porting the heads will be a compliment to the other performance parts that are installed. If the choices of components is wrong for the type of riding you do and your expectations you’ll never be happy.




Crankcase Boring



EVO. Cases can be bored for up to 3-13/16″ cylinders. Twin cam can be bored for up to 4-1/8″. Additional charge to bolt together, torque and remove cylinder studs.




Timken Upgrade

 Call for pricing....


 To your disassembled cases

Timken bearing upgrade for 03 up Twin Cams



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